WTC Noida CBD is Transforming Business Addresses to International Landmarks

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WTC Noida CBD is Transforming Business Addresses to International Landmarks

Central Business Districts (CBDs) are the commercial and business centre of any city and are often referred to as the ‘financial districts’. They’ve one of the highest land value and rentals as some of the key characteristics of CBDs include: High concentration of offices, banks, financial institutions, high density and high-rise buildings.

CBDs play crucial role in developing the complete business ecosystem as they bring in global business conglomerates, financial institutions, giant manufacturing and global service companies together in one complex. This creates the need for developing enabling business infrastructure & services and regular inflow of talented & skilled pool of workforce in that location. Noida CBD 132 is one of the upcoming CBDs in Delhi NCR that’ll create an interconnected and interdependent business ecosystem. Noida CBD 132 is already a home to MNCs like Adobe, Logix Technova, ETT and many more.

Similarly, adding up a new feather to the crown of WTC commercial properties worldwide, the WTC Noida CBD has left no stones unturned to provide state-of-the-art office infrastructure and business enabling services to the global and national MNCs eyeing to expand or station their business in Noida.

Located in Sector 132, Noida, WTC Noida CBD is set to change the overall development and infrastructure scenario of the area. 85% of the land is allocated for mix used development. This will lead to the development of not just financial and service led office spaces but will also create rooms for institutional developments.

It needs to be understood that Sector 132, Noida, is predominantly a booming commercial sector that houses topmost brands on a global level. Looking at the diversity which WTC Noida CBD’s site plan suggests, The real estate experts anticipates that the current offering of investment in lockable and non-lockable offices in commercial spaces might yield a return up to 15% higher than other non-WTC buildings in the region.

Factors that make Noida CBD stand out amongst the cluster of other regions:

Easy Accessibility: CBD area is well connected through all kinds of transport mediums and Noida CBD is strategically planned with low density areas which provides for ample amount of space for sprawling commercial complexes.

Comprehensive Ecosystem: A well-designed ecosystem connects multiple businesses in a smooth equilibrium that accounts for an inclusive and holistic 360 degrees growth in business.

Superior Infrastructural Potency: WTC acts as a catalyst for the businesses operating in the CBD by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure that creates a growth-oriented environment interweaved into a holistic ecosystem.

Facilitative Compactness: As CBDs come with increased floor area ratio (FAR) that is available for the development of buildings within the CBD, WTC enables the development of a centralised transportation facility and facilitating the interchange of goods, services and ideas across the area.

Networking Proximity: Since the WTC buildings are easily accessible, they have superior connectivity with major financial and industrial hubs

What are the elements that accelerate growth at CBD 132 Noida, making it the most promising commercial property in the region?

• High Rental: Owing to its premium infrastructure, brand name and unique facilities, WTC NOIDA property commands a higher rental in comparison with other non-branded properties. The rental ranges from Rs. 50 per sq. foot to Rs. 70 per sq. foot, approximately.

• Highest Land Value: WTC buildings are located strategically making them well-accessible for people and business houses. Since its home to all top MNCs, CBD 132 enjoys the highest land value in the region.

Land uses: Of all the land available, 85% of land use is allocated for mixed-use development. Primarily institutional, financial and other office facilities with high-density development can be set-up.

• High employment density: CBD houses some of World’s top multi-national companies. Prominent names like Adobe, Logix Technova and ETT make WTC a hub of opportunities for employees.

The rapid growth ratio and infrastructural development in the Noida CBD region aptly make it the international address of many global brands. These holistic and pro-commercial benefits add up for a greater gain in terms of long term returns and security of investment for investors who are keen on investing in commercial properties.




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